March 3, 2022

Amplify Coffee Chat Episode 4 // Mission DAO

Welcome to Amplify Coffee Chat where we chat about what worship is like for different ministries and believers in Singapore. Just like coffee, worship can come in different forms and brings a sweet aroma. Let's find out how other ministries are doing worship and how they all started out. 

And in this episode, we have invited Broderick Elisha Sim, of Mission DAO, to chat with us about what their ministry is about and what worship looks like for them in terms of missions and metaverse. 

Mission DAO is the world’s first fully-transparent and decentralised mission fund. We believe that the only solution to the human condition is Jesus – and the kingdom of God needs to be advanced – both on earth and the digital sphere.

Check out our Amplify Coffee Chat to hear more and in this episode, we will be talking about bringing the gospel into the METAVERSE too!


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