February 6, 2022

Amplify Podcast Season 2 Episode 13 // Key To Health And Life

No matter what we consume, be it food or water, our bodies are affected. When we eat food that has turned bad, our bodies will suffer, and our stomachs will turn. Let's look at Adam and Eve as an example. As a result of eating, sin and death, as well as all our illnesses, pains, and sorrows, entered our bodies. Despite God's instructions, they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, even though He said that it would not be good for them. It affected their entire body. This caused them to lose the glory of God that adorned them. They also lost health, blessings, and wholeness. Their bodies began to decay and deteriorate when sin and death entered their bloodstreams. In fact, all of mankind and the entire planet have been affected by it.

How can we reverse what Adam and Eve did? Since Adam and Eve ate their way to sin and death, we must be able to eat our way to life and wholeness. Find out more on our Amplify Devos Originals where we prayerfully write our devos to refresh, renew and restore your souls in Christ. Hear more as we unveil the key to health and life.

Featuring anointed worship songs by The Encounter Music, Nisha Noach Mahtani, Aaron Matthew, Ryan Ashley, New Creation Worship and Faith 陈婉琪.


1) This Is Our Time (The Encounter Music)
2) Psalm 34 (Nisha Noach Mahtani)
3) Fall (Aaron Matthew)
4) Reign Your Victory (Ryan Ashley)
5) 仰望 (New Creation Worship)
6) 祢爱让我坚强 (Faith 陈婉琪

All Songs Used With Permission.


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