February 20, 2022

Amplify Podcast Season 2 Episode 14 // How To Enter His Rest

We live in a society where we are constantly busy. Our lives are jam-packed with family, work, chores, ministry, friends, gatherings, and now even social media. It's impossible to rest. And we as human beings seem to be wired in such a way that we are created to work. We are restless and are always looking forward to the next task or job to do. How can we enter God's rest when we are always restless? 

Find out how we can enter God's rest and what is that rest that God wants to give us on our Amplify Podcast today! 

Featuring worship songs by Nisha Noach Mahtani, The Meeting Tent, The Encounter Music, Awaken Generation, Trinity Christian Centre and Aaron Matthew.


1) Live For Him (Nisha Noach Mahtani)
2) Galaxy (The Meeting Tent)
3) Praise Be Yours (The Encounter Music)
4) 得着安息 (Awaken Generation)
5) 神是爱 (Trinity Christian Centre)
6) One Love (feat. Malthus Oh & Mika Sasaki) (Aaron Matthew)

All Songs Used With Permission.


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God bless, 
Amplify Studios

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