May 29, 2022

Amplify Podcast Season 2 Episode 20 // How To Be The Greatest?

As children, we are always taught to be the best. This can apply to academics, sports, or even character. We are always told to try our best. We want to be the best at whatever we do. Whether it's to earn more than the other, have a bigger house than others, or just be better than them, we constantly try to outdo each other. And that's what the disciples also ask Jesus. They came to Jesus and asked Him this question, “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?". But what did Jesus say to them?

Find out on our Amplify Devos Originals today! Let's find out how we can be the greatest for God.

Featuring worship songs by Giid, Awaken Generation, Ryan Ashley, Eileen Lau, 生命之光 and HMC Music.


1) I Cannot Deny It (Giid)
2) 心之所向 (feat.符基明传道) (Awaken Generation)
3) The Cross (Ryan Ashley)
4) Psalm 51 (feat. delphne) (Eileen Lau)
5) 感谢祢耶稣 (生命之光)
6) Jesus My Saviour (HMC Music)

All Songs Used With Permission.

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