August 7, 2022

Amplify Podcast Season 3 Episode 1 // Don’t Think Just Do!

When God calls us, especially when it's out of our comfort zone, we tend to reason with Him. We ask, “Are you sure you want me to do this? How about my family? What about the loan I'm still paying off? What about finance? How will my family and friends react?” In our logical minds, we start to calculate the risk and the ‘what ifs’. Then our hearts start to be filled with fear and not faith. 

Following God requires faith and not logic. So what should we do when we hear God call us or lead us to somewhere we don't feel comfortable? Find out on our Amplify Devo Originals where we prayerfully write our devos to refresh, renew and restore your soul in Christ. 

Worship Songs in this episode:

1) Fix My Eyes (Impact Life Worship)
2) 献祭 (New Creation Worship)
3) Tabernacle (Awaken Generation)
4) 风雨中赞颂祢 (The Encounter Music)
5) Believe In You (Ryan Ashley)
6) In My Darkness (Aaron Matthew)

All Songs Used With Permission.

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