April 3, 2022

Amplify Podcast Season 2 Episode 16 // Posture Of Prayer

As Christians, I'm sure we are familiar with prayer. It is like talking to God. It is like a channel of communication where we can speak to God directly. When we pray to God, how should our posture be? Should it be one of long prayers? Do you believe in God when you pray? Do we need to cry out to God so that He hears us in our prayer? Find out on this episode of Amplify Podcast.

Featuring worship songs by Justin Chan, Impact Life Worship, The Encounter Music, New Creation Worship, 生命之光, RiverLife Worship.


1) Mighty Fortress (Justin Chan)
2) Fix My Eyes (Impact Life Worship)
3) Mention Of Your Name (The Encounter Music)
4) 牧者 (New Creation Worship)
5) 我的盼望在于祢 (生命之光)
6) Greater / Less (RiverLife Worship)

All Songs Used With Permission.

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